Succulent Supercars Surge to Brands Hatch

As club racing goes, there is none more glamorous & none more exciting than the Supercar Challenge at Brands Hatch. The headline event, the Dutch Supercar Challenge brings together touring, sports and GT cars in one spectacular series, thanks in no small part to its open regulations. From the Swedish grunt of the Volvo, to the Italian passion of the prancing horse, the Supercar challenge is one of the most visually, aurally & mentally stimulating race series on show all year.

As an added bonus, there is a delectable multitude of support series gracing the tarmac across the weekend. There is everything from saloon, sports & open wheel series in what will be a truly action-packed weekend.

As motorsport goes, the Supercar Challenge really does have something for everyone. Whether you're a racing fan or simply wanting a taster into the world of rubber burning theatre, this is the weekend for you. Just to add the mouth watering cherry on top, the series operates an open pit & paddock policy, giving you the chance to see these beautiful specimens up close & personal.

As ever, Stopwatch Hospitality will open its doors for the weekend, giving you the most enjoyable experience from the best seat in the house. Our penthouse suite offers you a day of both comfort & adrenaline filled action. Our live timing screens lets you follow the on-track action including all your favourite drivers in detail.

As ever, tickets are available through both the Stopwatch Hospitality website or our Facebook page.

Any questions, queries or inquiries for future events? Please feel free to contact us through our email or on social media.

See you there!

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