SUGAR RUSH. Moto Candy’s Sweet Sportster Sprint Racer

Moto Candy’s Sportster-powered ‘Lolly Pop’ is a perfect storm of sugar-powered craziness from Switzerland, home of the world’s best sweet stuff.

1y ago


They say too much sugar makes you do silly things. Running around like an idiot. Uncontrollable giggling. Boundless energy. Which, strangely enough, are pretty much the same symptoms one exhibits after a serious run on a fully worked sprint racer. Introducing Moto Candy’s Sportster-powered ‘Lolly Pop’, a perfect storm of sugar-powered craziness, comin’ at you straight out of Switzerland, home of the world’s best sweet stuff. Let the silliness begin.

Started out of pure passion last April, Moto Candy’s David Maric has pretty much created his dream motorcycle dealership in the suburbs of Zürich, Switzerland. It is the official dealer for Norton, Fantic and TM Racing in the region as well as a self evidently epic custom shop. “For clothing and accessories I went the long way and found myself brands that were yet to enter the Swiss market, including Original Driver, Bolidster and Sideburn.” David notes that the shop is within a Lotus car garage called Schaffner Racing, which adds a nice mix of both two and four wheels to the proceedings.



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  • Looks like an American chopper, a British cafe racer, and a Japanese bosozoku bike all had a child together

      1 year ago