Suit and Tie

Amidst my automotive experiences, I’ve driven everything from backyard Honda’s to flame spitting McLarens but nothing quite compares to the thing I’ve built with my own two hands. That thing is my BMW E46.

Despite being a Non-M I’ve stuck with this chassis for 5 years and it has seen its fair share of time on jack stands, in California gridlock, and hot laps at local tracks. It’s taken it all and has served it purposed whenever asked. Need to drive a few hours away? No problem. Need to make a parts store run? Perfect. Aside from replacing the engine after a rough track day, this E46 has lived up to its expectations and then some.

It now lives it’s life as a dedicated track car that see the occasional canyon run(gotta keep the skills alive somehow). Style was never a priority in the transition to becoming a track car and that’s clearly noticeable from the miss matching colors of the body to the dry carbon fiber hood. This BMW exists for the purpose of function over form and the lap times over the years have proven so.

It weighs over 3000lbs and only has 200 brake horsepower but doesn’t compare to anything else I’ve driven. That’s mainly due to long nights of fine tuning and upgrades that fit my driving style. It’s a long list that consists of this bushing and that tire but it all contributes to the overall experience. This car feels like my tailor made suit.

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