- Cravats of Massi red or Lincoln green? Suit you?

Suite you sir madam

Gone are the old branded anoraks of the seventy's that Land Rover used to sell as original gear equipment with 1970 Range Rovers.

34w ago

Prof Gerry McGovern OBE, Land Rover Chief Creative Officer, has designed a special jacket and fabric for both ladies and gents, to celebrate 50 years of Range Rover under the guidance of one of Savile Row’s founding tailors, Henry Poole & Co. There will be 50 special edition jackets each for both sexes in the well known style of Mc Govern; open chested tucked at the waistline big pockets for note pads, with slightly short sleeve so you can easily keep a breast of time on your giant dial Oyster Rolex style jewellery. Bling Boob Balls - in fashion industry terms.

The only colours from the original paint pallet of the first Range Rovers omitted are Lincoln green and Massi red. Bahama Gold features as back of collar, Davos white complements subtlety by undertone. Tuscan blue lining and window dogs tooth check make it most suitable over blue jeans and grey flannels, even charcoal grey, that may signify oil leaks from the old 70's transmission and transfer box.

All in all I think Gezza's design and fruition is better by far than any Beckham, as it's made at Saville Row. I once bought a Beckham 'woolly' hat and after two washes the acrylic had expanded to three sizes bigger than any human head, just like Beckham's does.. After all the Land Rover jackets are designed by a professor to look cool driving your Land Rover. You just have to remember to undo your belly button before driving off, as the jacket tends to shoot up over your head and may cause an accident.

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  • If any c l mpany expects me to wear something branded, no matter how special it may be, they can darn well pay me a fee for advertising their product!

      7 months ago