Sultans of Sprint @ 2017 Reunion in Monza

OuR #experience at the 2017 edition of one of our favourites #events

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The #Reunion is place-to-be for Greaser Garage after a positive 2016 #debut. It' set in a gorgeous location like the #Monza #Circuit, in a nice period (mid-spring) and with a lot of cool things to do and see.

This year big upgrade was the presence of the #Sultan of #Sprint race with all its line-up of drag-spec vintage-oriented bikes.

Some of these creations are true crowd favourites and have been featured in lots of magazine, blogs, videos.

One of them is undoubtely the POLIZIA UNO Stucki2Rad – VTR Customs: a Bmw R80 once oned from the german police.

This swiss team has put a lot of stuff on the bike to make it faster or - at least - more interesting to see. A Rotrex supercharger and a Nitrous oxide kit provide some more boost to the not-so-sporty original unit.

The cockpit is pure racing flavour: rotated revcounter, boost gauge, aeronautic switches.

This shop pays great attention to the details: you can see the work on the graphics, both for the helmet/suit and on the tank. The helmet uses some retro-inspired stripes while the rusty tank brings some iconic police elemet from the previus life of the R80.

The aviator suit of Dani Weidmann is the final touch for the whole project.

All the bikes keep a balance beetween racing pedigree (or at least flavour) , craftmanship and alternative approaches, making them something not necessarily fast but that give people the idea of speed.

Bimmers remain the center part of his scene, from the oldest models to some recent versions. The iconic boxer layout surely helps in definying some really ou-of-the-ordinary machines.

The Lucky Cat Garage has been one of the most important player in defining this new category and custom approach. Their Sprintbeemer has been by far the most photographed drag-inspired bike in the past 3 years and now lots of old Bmw are being turned into stretched torpedos.

The Bombinette was Lucky Cat's new weapon for the 2017.

Lots of stuff was going on on the engine side.

Other shops took their experience and tried to make it better. Here you have The BEE from Bcan Race.

Some of theme have less extreme setups like this entry from Krautmotors.

Some of them stay classic, with performance addictions hidden under hand-made panels while other show all their extra-gadgets in a more contemporary way.

The Hercules from the almost un-writeable "Kraftstoffschmiede" shop (obviously from Germany) is one if the rare "modern" models, being vintage ones way easier to be transformed in cool machines.

It is based on a r 850 with a 4 valves engine platform, stroked to 900cc. The engine is linked to a custom-fabricated stretched tubular chassis.

It obviously has somo nitro boost and some other cool bits to extract more hp from the bavarian boxer.

They went for a classic and always working M-Sport color scheme, with a white base (for the minimal tank) with coloured stripes. They used the same design for the helmet and i think this really is a cool idea.

The thin and squared drag-spec rear tyre creates an even more epic view from the back.

The mix of vintage racing solutions and contemporary stuff works verywell on this machine: take a look at the carbon heads cover and maxed carburetors combo. Or the upside-mounted brake caliper + 17" slick front tyre.

A very unexpected (for me, considering this very bike has won lots of races in 2014, 2015 and 2016) contender was this unrecognizable 1981 Virago TR1 (920) from Schlachtwerk.

It's called Skinny Beast thank to a great weight-saving work and a upgraded nitro-equipped engine.

The bike has conquered 2nd place in Monza, justifying its reputation.

The engine can now drink the air-fuel and NOS mixture from two big Dellorto 40mm carburetors. The gearbox has also been improved to gain some tenths on the 1/8 mile races.

And, speaking of NOS it's impossible not to mention the mean NOSferatu 1992 Moto Guzzi Quota 1000 by Radical Guzzi.

The bike seems like a steampunk nightmare with all theengine and structure exposed and painted in a strange metal / wood combo.

With a couple of FCR 41 and straight pipes coming straight out of the minimal saddle you can be sure this machine will make your chest vibrate. Nos ignition, drag tyre and a even skull help in making the overall look even more dramatic.

The winner was Mellow Motorcycle with this heavily-modified Ducati with stretched wishbone and Nitrous extra-power.

Our friend Cristian from Plan B Motorcycles brought this last-minute Ducati Multistrada he finished only a few hours before di event.

Ducati engines are always happy to rev, espcially when feeded with Nitorus oxide and fresh air. The frame has been reduced to a mere support, same goes for the minimal tank.

The bike was still a prototype so Nitrous supply was not working at its best but it was able to put some interesting times on the list.

The Dragonfly from the french team Liebner Racing was by far the oldest entry with its heavy tuned 500cc Triumph engine. It was also one of the most fascinating.

The top 3 contenders were 2 Ducati and a Yamaha: no glory for Germany or US this time!

Different pholosphies in the search of speed: totally stripped down or covered with aero "trashbin" fairings? (being the distance only 1/8 of a mile i think aerodynamics play a small role compared to overall lightnessand traction by that's my opinion!)

This year we at Greaser Garage had no time to build a serious contender for this series but that's something that keeps on teasing us. Maybe 2018 will be the year? Follow us and you'll know!

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