Summer driving problems that are annoying AF

3d ago


E​very car enthusiast knows that there is nothing quite like a summer road trip. However, it isn't all speed, power and making memories...

1​. Boiling alive

Even with the windows rolled down and the air-con on full whack, driving in the heat can leave you feeling like James May in his unconditioned Aston Martin.


2​. Too hot to handle

A​nd it's not just the heat that becomes a problem when you're driving. Suddenly, you get into your car and everything from the steering wheel to the gear stick feels as though it has been heated overnight in a furnace.

Name a more iconic duo than bare legs and hot leather seats... I'll wait.

3​. Led by the blind

K​eys? Check. Phone? Check. Sunglasses? Nah mate I'll just pull the visor half-way down and squint like a kid who's been blinded by a gust of wind to their sandpit. NO! Get out of that mid-day sun or get those ray bans on and look where you're actually going. End of.

4​. Get busy

I​f hell is other people then car parks and motorways are their gathering points. The slightest bit of sun everybody is shirtless, sunburnt and ready to get in your way. And it's not just people that are the problem - there are also other creatures such as flies, bees, wasps and cyclists.

5​. Target located

O​hhh and there are even problems when you're parked up (provided you can actually find a space because everywhere is mobbed). From bird poo to kids footballs your car becomes the go-to target for anything and everything you don't want to hit it. If you're not shouting at your next door neighbour or wiping crap off your windscreen before every ride - is it even summer?

S​o sorry to be a miserable Mable (actually, when I am ever anything else?) but its not all tans and 'taps aff' after all. What is your pet peeve about driving in summer?