Summertime in Italy with Nokyan

43w ago


There's a song I really like by The Last Shadow Puppets which goes "Summertime made promises it knew it couldn't keep". That's brilliant. And I'd love to tell you what I did last summer and where I went and what I'm planning to do through this winter but I can't. Because summer never left and summer isn't over just yet.

I know this may sound lovely to you, and it probably is, but I don't know. At the time of writing, November 15 4.55 PM in Italy, the temperature outside my house is 22 degrees, which translates into 68 fahrenheit if you're reading this in the US, which might be normal if you live in Miami but it isn't if you live in Italy. It's supposed to get cold here at some point.

I mean, not cold-cold, but cool. Nippy. Not Santa-cold or Nokyan tyres-cold but at least winter jacket-cold. Well, it ain't. It's barely cold enough to be wearing windbreakers.

I'm telling you this because I just got an email from the nice people at Nokyan tyres explaining what I should do with my summer tyres. Well, that's easy, I'll leave them on my damn wheels on the damn car. Because it's too damn hot. Damn. Sorry. I may have wasted your time.

Still, at least these photographs are nice.

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