1w ago

Sunny Sunday Blast
Felt pretty good, striding out to the garage and firing up the old Gixer 1100. Felt less good striding back to the house to get my reading glasses so I could see if the fuel tap was switched to ‘On’, ‘Off’ or ‘Res’.
Given the average age of us bikers is now about 93, isn’t it time they fitted bike leathers with a pocket for your reading glasses. Or made the writing bigger?

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Comments (44)

  • LOL! Maybe a reading range strip at the bottom of our visors too.😂

      9 days ago
    • Yes, a Bivisor! for those of us who want to keep a secret that we can't see that well any longer. Would also allow you to see the gauges better, with just a glance downward, BRILLIANT Shannon!

        9 days ago
    • Mark, there’s money to be made from ‘Bivisor’: get in fast before it’s my idea.

        7 days ago
  • You could just do what the monkey would always say- Work harder-Get a car

      9 days ago
  • They should do that little magnifying glasses they have on shopping trollies for the elderly. I'm mean you are 38, let's be real.😀

      9 days ago
  • 🤗 Absolutely...🤓💜

      9 days ago
  • Could be worse you could be Jeremy or James where any fall renders you disabled for a few months

      9 days ago