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Super Formula changes its points system, adopts FCY for 2020

The Japanese single-seater series will have a different points format and FCY as well.

1y ago

Super Formula announced changes to its points system from 2020 onward, while they have also adopted Full Course Yellow format.

Having had the old system of awarding points to only the Top 8 drivers, Super Formula will have a changed system from 2020 onward where the Top 10 finishers will score points, with the winner getting 20 instead of the 10, he/she were scoring till now.

The second placed driver will score 15 and it will then follow the format of 11, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 in the descending order. An additional change will be seen in qualifying where the pole-sitter will get three points instead of the one they used to score.

Together with the pole-sitter, even the second placed driver will score points, with two to his name, along with the third placed driver, who will get one. It is a welcome change as it will reward drivers for the efforts they put in and open up the championship fight.

Outside the points system, Super Formula will also use FCY, which was introduced in FIA World Endurance Championship and is also used in FIA Formula E Championship. It will regulate the speed on all sections and introduce a safety car at time of need.

There is also a change in the 2020 Super Formula calendar with the final round at Suzuka to take place on November 14-15, so as to accommodate the change in the WEC calendar. The season is to kick-start at Suzuka on April 4-5 weekend.

The full calendar can be found here.

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