S​uper Formula League

T​he start of an exciting Super Formula League on Gran Turismo Sport starts this Sunday!

S​uper Formula cars, fair and clean racing and a very fast and competetive group of Gran Turismo Sport players. Throw these things together and you have a Super Formula for an exciting league! (I'm sorry)

Do you f​ancy a go in an online battle in a Super Formula car? Please leave your PSN-ID down in the comments and I will send you further information.

T​his league consists of mostly TRB-GT drivers that have race together for 2 seasons prior. We have fair and clean racing in our minds whilst being as competetive as real racing drivers. We would love to welcome you in this Super Formula League. We have last years TRB-GT champion on the grid and many other race winners so this league will be highly competitive. Maybe if you really get into it you can also join us on the TRB-GT grid when season 3 starts.

S​o would you like to join a league where the racing is good and clean with experienced racing drivers? Leave your PSN-ID below and you'll be racing with us when the season starts at Spa-Franchorchamps this sunday. And I like to encourage you to come in your own designed livery.



27 SEP – Spa Franchorchamps

18 OCT – Laguna Seca

8 NOV – Autopolis

22 NOV – Red Bull Ring

6 DEC – Suzuka

13 DEC – Fuji

Qualifying - 10 min

Race - +/- 1 hour

No refuelling

All tyre compounds allowed

1 Mandatory Pit stop

Set-up changes allowed

Cars will be set at 100/100

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