Super Snake: The rarest of all the Mustangs is for sale

What's even more special than a GT 500? Being a one-of-a-kind Shelby, that's what...

2y ago

The Super Snake sounds like a character from Metal Gear Solid but don't worry, it's a car with a great deal of badass history behind it - now, it's for sale from next year. So, what makes this GT500 so special compared to its Shelby brethren? And why is there only one?

Less Metal Gear Solid, more like Highlander...

A unique history...

Carroll Shelby was asked by Goodyear to join in with a demonstration, promoting a new tyre they had developed for high-end speeds at the time. At the same time as the promotion, Former Shelby USA Sales Manager Don McCain suggested to Shelby that he should create a supercar using the racing 427 V8 in a Mustang GT500.

This was the same engine unit as found in the Ford GT40 MkII, pushing out 600bhp with a few tweaks for the transplant. They re-tuned the engine for high-speed runs, a brand new transmission and a unique rear axle for the Mustang. McCain said this 427 engine was 'The mother of all 427' due to its exotic and unique components, such as aluminium heads, lighter water pumps and forged Le Mans crank and rods. The Super Snake was born.

The demonstration...

Shelby himself took guests and journalists out for rides in the Super Snake, hitting speeds of 170mph, during the demonstration. Later, a Goodyear test driver averaged 142mph for over 500 miles, the new tyres didn't let them down, retaining 97% of the tread.

Seeing the Super Snake was clearly a stroke of motoring genius, it was sent off to the Ford Californian dealership to create publicity for a limited run of 50 more cars. Sadly, it was deemed way too expensive to produce the cars and the project was scrapped.

The cost of one Super Snake to the public would have been double the price of a standard GT500. That would have made it $8000, which doesn't sound a lot by today's standards, but this was 1967, we didn't even have decimalisation over in Britain by then...

Silver lining...

The good news is that this one-of-a-kind GT500 was saved. It was shipped off to Dallas when it was bought by two International Airways pilots, who modified the car even more for drag racing. Throughout the years, it has been passed on, bought out and sold on at auctions. One of the owners even fitted a new set of the Goodyear thunderbolt tyres it was created to promote, all those years ago.

Back in 2013, it was sold at auction to its current owner, John Wickey - no, not John Wick... for $1.3 million. Now, it is up for auction again next January at Mecum Auctions Kissimmee, a massive 10-day auction event which makes Silverstone Auctions look like a picnic.

Even more good news...

If you don't have the spare $1.5 million dollars for the Original Super Snake, maybe you will be interested in one of the 10 limited edition continuation models, being built next year. It won't be as powerful as the original, but will still put a 'semi in your hemi' with a 7.0-litre V8 in a 1967 Mustang. What's not to like there then?

Nope I can't think of anything... It's a Mustang!




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