- Lamborghini Urus


    A step up for the SUV.

    2y ago


    It's no secret that the SUV market is rampant these days, who needs an estate!!

    There are some seriously fast SUVs out there these days, just look at the Bently Bentayga, Range Rover Sport SVR, even the Alfa Stelvio is getting Quadrifoglio status. The new Urus is destined to take SUV performance to Supercar levels.

    How long before we see a Ferrari SUV? 2021 by all accounts. McLaren? Apparently not in the pipeline yet, but surely the financial carrot may be to tasty to ignore.

    Now I'm a big fan of SUVs and I can't help thinking the Urus is a step to far, but, hey sod it.....it looks good and it's going to be lightning fast. It'll also be useful for the wife to drop the kids off at Eton three times a year....well they'll never fit in the Aventador.

    So looking forward.....who will build the first SUV Hypercar, Bugatti, Pagani.........probably maybe if not, I'm sure someone will.

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