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    Welcome to the desert of the real. Well, the budget of the real...

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    Lambo, Koenigsegg, Ferrari, a splash of Veyron etc etc. "Oooooh look at the rims", " "It has two narrow-angle V8 engines bolted together and TEN radiators!". That's all very exciting to look at but then, most of us normal people put our phone away and face the reality of driving home in our practical, reasonably cost-effective mid-range Ford/Renault/Volkswagen etc.

    It won't be setting any 0-60 records but it can house the kids/dogs/shopping, gets decent fuel economy and the running costs aren't too bad.

    A practical dog in a practical car, yesterday (probably).

    A practical dog in a practical car, yesterday (probably).

    When most of us think about a "good car", those definitions vary wildly depending on the context. First there's the fantasy - the McClaren P1, that's a good car. Then there's the sensible grown-up - the Ford Mondeo, that's a good car, affordable and it won car of the year you know. Then there's the first time driver - the Toyota Aygo, that's a good little car! And so on, you get the idea.

    The reality is that the vast majority of us enthusing about cars at the cutting edge of engineering will never reach the heady heights of Ferrari and friends. No, at best we'll likely be aiming for mid-range BMW or Mercedes ownership in middle-age. One that's comfortable, befits our status and is comfy enough on our failing hips. Rock and roll.

    There's a 99% chance this is your future. (If you're female).

    There's a 99% chance this is your future. (If you're female).

    But all is not lost, if there's one thing the small army of boy racers and modders has shown us it's that resourcefulness and bit of effort opens a world of opportunity that won't require a second mortgage to pay for. More fundamentally, whilst we aspire to these million dollar hypercars we shouldn't forget that there's a beauty to the ordinary and the everyday. The cars we drive today generally aren't mechanical luddites from the dark ages of auto, they're well engineered and high-tech too. Often borrowing aspects that only a decade or two ago were considered unattainably cutting-edge engineering.

    So let's embrace the everyday and the enjoyable. Of course, we should continue to salivate over dream cars we'll never touch but let's also find the things to love about our average motors. After all, that's where we place our butt everyday and we'll spend our lives a lot closer to those attainable dreams than any slew of supercars. Now, I'm off to drive home in my diesel...

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    • Cheers Tom. Sure your Hyundai getz the job done and I've had some great adventures in pretty crappy cars. It all about the wheels ;)

        4 years ago
    • being a "young" driver, I totally understand this the desire for something greater than what I can afford. That said my car is a 1.4 Hyundai Getz shared with my fiance it does the job, good luck with the tribe. :)

        4 years ago
    • More sensible than a BAC mono I suppose! :P

        4 years ago
    • That's the sort of 'sensible' I could probably make do with :)

        4 years ago
    • A bloke used to drive down our road in a Gallardo... Not sure that counts as a Supercar... Maybe a Supercar, but it certainly wasn't a Hypercar. Too sensible!

        4 years ago


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