Supercar for sale: 2008 Farbio GTS400

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Here's a car with a somewhat convoluted history. Back in 2003, niche manufacturer Arash Motor Company unveiled a sleek little prototype called the Farboud GTS.

It immediately generated a lot of interest, thanks to its lightweight chassis, carbonfibre, neatly resolved carbonfibre bodywork and a supercharged V6. The prototype even made its way into the game 'Test Drive Unlimited', securing it a place in digital history.

Three were built but, at this point, the owner of the company – Arash Farboud – decided to pursue other projects. The company and the rights to the car were then passed on to Chris Marsh, former boss of Marcos.

Nobles too common for you? This could be just the ticket...

He changed the company's name to 'Farbio' and set about establishing volume production of the promising GTS. The production car wasn't a cheap lash-up, mind, and was time-consuming and costly to produce. For starters, it featured carbonfibre bodywork that sat atop a tubular steel and carbonfibre chassis.

Motive power for the GTS came from a Ford-sourced 3.0-litre V6, mounted amidships, drive from which was sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox.

Like a Noble M12, however, the GTS400 version of the Farbio benefitted from forced induction and a host of engine upgrades. Uprated connecting rods were topped with stronger pistons but – unlike the twin-turbo M12 – a supercharger was used to cram more air and fuel into the Ford V6.

The GTS400's mid-mounted supercharged Duratec V6 provided plenty of punch.

The net result was a claimed output of 410bhp and 340lb ft, all of which only had 1046kg to propel down the road. Farbio claimed a 0-60mph time of just 3.7sec, and a top speed of 180mph, embarrassing many a mainstream rival.

AP Racing provided the stopping power, while Bilstein-sourced dampers dealt with the bumps and body control. According to road tests of the time, the GTS400 was a remarkably capable car that delivered engagement and excitement with a comfortable ride and cabin.

Where the Farbio fell down was with regards to its price. Back in 2008, a GTS400 would have set you back a whopping £94,000 – making it significantly more expensive than the then-new Audi R8.

The company, struggling with the financial realities of being a low-volume sports car manufacturer, was promptly bought by established rival Ginetta. Production of the GTS400 continued, but the car was now called the Ginetta F400. Later, it was developed into the G60.

Despite the passage of time, the Farbio still remains an expensive curiosity. Even taking into account its relatively unknown badge and curious past, this example is expected to sell for upwards of £60,000. That's more than a new Porsche 718 Cayman S, for example.

That said, this particular 2008 GTS400 – which is set to be sold at an upcoming event hosted by Silverstone Auctions – has only covered a mere 2358 miles from new. It's reputed to be in superb condition throughout and also comes with a current MOT and plenty of service history.

The Farbio will go up for auction on 13 May.

Exclusivity always command a premium, though, and there's far more to the GTS400 than just some pretty panel work. It's also extremely rare, further helping justify its place in any enthusiast's garage.

Is that enough to swing the deal, though, or would you rather have something that doesn't prompt passers-by to ask you what kind of kit car it is? Have your say in the comments below.

Check out Silverstone's auction listing here:

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