Supercar snapshot: 200mph in a Ferrari LaFerrari

Doing 200mph in a LaFerrari, and why it's perhaps not as memorable as you might imagine

4y ago

This is a weird one, but you know how some key moments in life you remember in vivid technicolour? Every detail and emotion of that event is emblazoned in your mind.

Well, that's not what happened when I drove a Ferrari LaFerrari at 200mph.

Of course I remember it. Mostly I remember thinking how easy it was. Remarkable in the way it nonchalantly shrieks past 150mph without letting up. No aerodynamic wall, as you'd hit with a lot of powerful sports cars at about that point. Just a constant, gut-churning stream of acceleration.

And then you get to 200mph, and you don't look out of the window and think 'blimey, this is fast. Those trees are a going by very quickly...' You don't even look at the speedo. You're so busy staring, wide-eyed at the horizon and - in this instance - waiting for the bloke to yell 'brake', that the actual sensation of doing 200mph is just a blur. A heady melting pot of vibration, noise, and adrenaline.

Read into that what you will. Maybe it's a reflection of how good these cars are at max speed. But that's the truth. Courtesy of the generous blokes at Auto Vivendi and their VMAX200 event, I've done 200mph twice - once in a McLaren P1 and once in a LaFerrari (I know, I'm hideously lucky - I do appreciate that), which you can watch on the above video post. It was incredibly exhilarating - a huge, flamboyant tick on that bucket list - and yet if you ask me what it's like to do 200mph? All I could honestly say was 'noisy. And surprisingly easy.'

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  • Going in a straight line in a Ferrari is like driving on race track in a offroad vehicle. You you can do it and yes it will probably be fun but you're not doing what it was designed to do.

      4 years ago
    • The LaFerrari and P1 were both extensively designed around a spectacular top speed - it's core to what they're designed for, being hypercars. It's just that executing it was, oddly, a blurry experience. A sensory overload, and notably...

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        4 years ago
  • esta espectacular el 2do

      4 years ago