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24 cars. 2​ weeks. Thousands of voters. And it comes down to these four...

C​considering we're down to the final four, I've written a short paragraph about why each car is so brilliant!

T​he McLaren 720S

T​he McLaren 720S is the direct descendant of the 12C, the car that McLaren used to showcase it's comeback. But a lot has changed since then, and so has the car. It packs 720bhp to the wheels, it can do 0-60 in under 2.4 seconds (although the stated time is conservative), and the cutting edge design may not be traditionally beautiful, but it's brilliantly striking! It's faced strong contenders in the forms of the F8 Tributo and Ford GT, but it's still here!

The K​oenigsegg Gemera

K​oenigsegg is on a roll right now, and the Gemera shows that. The fact that Koenigsegg can produce 1,700bhp out of a powertrain that is actually very similar to the BMW i8, carry the kids in insane comfort and still look like a futuristic Supra is amazing! This will be the next villain car in a Bond movie, mark my words!

The K​oenigsegg Jesko

I​t takes a certain kind of person to decide that after making a world record holding Agera RS - that literally got no recognition of any kind - that they would like to make another one. Christian von Koenigsegg is that person, and this is that car. Still awaiting a top speed run, but in a world of Bugatti's one way effort and SSC's questionable run, if this can secure a Guiness World Record for doing it's 320mph top speed, it could claim the title!

The M​cLaren 765LT

T​he 765LT is basically along the lines of an AMG Black. Horrendouly spiky to drive, handles like it wants to kill you, accelerates like it wants to take off. And that's the perfect combination. It's like a Senna, just cheaper and without the looks of a overgrown wart!

I​t's funny that in a competition with 12 brands, the final four are only from two. And Sweden and the UK aren't traditionally known for supercars either! Yet somehow, the establishment has been disrupted, and here we stand. Vote carefully! (And see you soon!)

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Comments (6)

  • Ford GT is the winner in my eyes. Not these lame Mclarens

      4 months ago
    • I’m a big fan of the Ford GT! I was surprised it got beaten tbh but democracy says otherwise 😂

        4 months ago
    • Finally someone has said it 🙏

      And how on earth did the GT2RS lose to a 765LT?!

        4 months ago
  • At 4am 137000 new votes will come in all for the ford gt 😂😂

      4 months ago
  • What happened to the perfomante

      4 months ago