Supercars on radar for NSW police Force

THinking about speeding think again!!!!

3y ago


As we all know by now NSW has been considered as the Granny state of Australia with strict speed limits that allow you to keep pace with a snail and speed cameras positioned every 20cm that make you clench every time you past the light on orange.

The iconic Holden Commodore and the infamous Ford Falcon has been the face of NSW police for what seems like a lifetime. In 2001 NSW police attempted to replace these cars with the WRX, this however ended in a complete disaster when it was revealed that 20 of the converted highway patrol cars had never had their speedometers calibrated correctly thus rendering them legally unable to issue speeding infringements.

The team of officers responsible for sourcing new patrol cars have been conducting extensive testing to resolve a peculiar technical issue that was revealed during preliminary runs at the force's Goulburn test centre. "Calibration issues with the V8 powered Mustang's gearbox temperature sensors prevented the car from completing a crucial set of rigorous braking tests" (Tim Robson, 2016) . While no one involved in the testing was prepared to comment on whether the Mustang would actually join the NSW Highway Patrol fleet, time is running out for replacement cars to be sourced.

In conclusion, who knows what cars the NSW police force have up their sleeves. Maybe the Ford Mustang will make a permanent appearance to the Police Force in 2017 or maybe they will acquire more British cars such as the 650s Mclaren, BMW i8 or the Aston Martin Vanquish featured in the cover photo. I personally think the slower option of the Mustang will do!!

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