- Rimac Concept One, Lamborghini Aventador S and Honda NSX

Supercars trio spotted on the set of The Grand Tour in Switzerland

The Grand Tour has been spotted again. This time in Switzerland with three supercars.

The Grand Tour has been spotted again. This time in Switzerland with three supercars.

After the end of the first season’s release, the presenters and the entire film crew did not wait long to start filming for the second season. Recording lasts for several months, and the first leaks surfaced in late March when Hammond fell from a motorcycle in Mozambique and lost consciousness and hit the hospital with a head crash.

In mid-April, the presenters were once again caught in the United States, where they spent a dozen or so days. All three met on an airplane in Dallas from where they then went with the film crew to Colorado. The whole was confirmed by Jeremy on his Twitter complaining about the total time of the trip from London, which amounted to 18 hours.

The Grand Tour returns in October!

Another crew has been caught filming for The Grand Tour, but this time in Zadar, Croatia with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. They spent a few days starting May 9th, and they were filming Ariel Nomad (Richard Hammond’s choice) and Audi TT RS (Jeremy Clarkson’s choice).

At the end of may members of the crew and the presenters of The Grand Tour were spotted in Farnley Tyas, in West Yorkshire, England. This time with very unusual car. The vehicle is half the car and half the boat. The construction is based on the third generation Suzuki Jimny and has a front and rear of the motorboat. On the roof we see the barrels with air, which will be rolled to the sides, and their purpose is to add buoyancy on the water.

On set we can see facelifted Lamborghini Aventador S, which is driven by Jeremy Clarkson, brand new Honda NSX (Jemes May’s choice) and electric Rimac Concept One whose driver was Richard Hammond.

Material is going to be very interesting. It will most likely focus on the future of cars and combustion engines. The Lamborghini has a classic combustion engine, Honda is a hybrid with three electric motors, and the Rimac is a fully electric car.

It should be added that the Rimac Concept One is the strongest of the three and has a power of 1,088 hp.

The second season of The Grand Tour will be premiered on the October this year. Again it will be available exclusive on Amazon Prime and PrimeVideo.com.

Source: CarTests.net

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