supercars vs hypercars

the meaning supercar is aged like granny. but hypercar is the grandson. Let's zoom in..

4y ago

Let's first ask WIKIPEDIA what she says about SUPERCARS: "A supercar is a high-performance sports car or grand tourer. The term is used in marketing by automakers for unusual, high-end vehicles, and has been used to refer to at least four different sorts of cars: - Limited-production specials from an "elite" automaker
- Standard-looking cars modified for power and performance
- Models that appeal to enthusiasts, from smaller manufacturers
- One-of-a-kind "showcase" project vehicles built by custom car retrofitters (usually extensively modified collectible muscle cars or grand tourers updated to the latest "streetable" racing technology)"

Grandson on WIKI be like: "The Hypercar is a design concept car developed by energy analyst Amory Lovins at the Rocky Mountain Institute. This vehicle would have ultra-light construction with an aerodynamic body using advanced composite materials, low-drag design, and hybrid drive. Designers of the Hypercar claim that it would achieve a three- to five-fold improvement in fuel economy, equal or better performance, safety, amenity, and affordability, compared with today's cars."

Hypercars at Blenheim Palace England

Hypercars at Blenheim Palace England

Right. If you're a WIKI contributor and having some facts about the "Grandson" please UPDATE, MODERATE the HYPERCAR section on WIKIPEDIA.

If you (like many others) categorize them in same class, consider this listd: VW GOLF GTI > AUDI RS3 > BMW M4 > FERRARI 488 > McLaren P1 > Bugatti Chiron. Now here we have a list that might be arguable in categories: Hot hatch, Serious Hatch (LOL), Supercar, Supercar, Hypercar and Ultracar? Or let's just leave that in Chiron in same category as the P1.

Does the SUPERCAR category ends where HYPERCAR starts? Or are they both in same category and do we just need to stop hyping this HYPERCAR century?


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