Supercharged Kawasaki tourer to be announced

1y ago


Kawasaki is set to announce its all-new hyper tourer at Milan's EICMA show at the start of November.

The name has been leaked as the Ninja H2 SX and it's aimed at using the huge punch of the 200bhp supercharged H2 motor, together with market leading levels of fuel economy.

Kawasaki discontinued its 1400 GTR model due to Euro 4 issues, so it makes sense to shoehorn the H2 engine in for the ultimate mile muncher.

Kawasaki's H2 provides the donor engine for the new SX

Expect a £20,000+ figure on the new SX when it's unveiled. With UK police forces fond of the old GTR, we're hoping the price pushes the new supercharged machine ever so slightly out of their budget...otherwise the boys in blue will have one serious new weapon on their hands.

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  • Cost not withstanding, better buy stock in Dunlop or Metzeler

    1 year ago


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