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In this article we’re going to talk a little bit more about fitting a supercharger at Hendy Performance to a Ford Mustang 5.0-litre V8 – part of the ROUSH-Ford Performance range.


The internal workings of the Roush Charger

The internal workings of the Roush Charger

The ROUSH supercharger is a 2.3l Eaton TVS or twin vortices series. The TVS is an improved supercharger compared to the previous type – it has four lobes instead of the regular three and the rotors are twisted at 160° instead of the usual 60°. The extra lobe and the change in angle of twisted rotors allow the charger to pack a larger supply of air that will stay sealed in the lobe for longer. It is also better for heat exchange and fuel economy.

The installation process explained

ROUSH offer two stages – Stage 1 increases the power from 430bhp to 670bhp and the torque from 405 ft/lbs to 545 ft/lbs whereas the Stage 2 increases the power from 430bhp to 727bhp at 6850 rpm and the torque from 405lbs/ft to 610 lbs/ft at 5000 rpm.

To enjoy all that this supercharger has to offer, a number of modifications are required before fitting to the Mustang:

1. Brake servo pipe

2. Evaporation pipe

3. Bulkhead brace

4. Cooling fan shroud to allow fitment of additional coolant bottle

5. Front cover to allow fitment of new belt tensioner

6. Block to allow intake cooler to fit

7. Various wiring modifications required due to relocation of sensors/actuators TPS/ETC, EVAP and ACT wiring loom

8. Knock sensors are re-positioned to allow fitment of intake cooler.

Final preperations before the charger is fitted

Final preperations before the charger is fitted

The kit comes with everything you need!

You will also need different spark plugs and injectors for your ROUSH Mustang; however, these injectors are actually incorporated into a new designed fuel rail.

To help you understand more about this impressive kit from Hendy Performance, here’s a list of items that are included:

1. Intake manifold/cooler

2. Coolant pump, low temperature radiator, expansion bottle and hoses

3. Drive belt tensioner and FEAD belt

4. Air box including K&N filter

5. Twin 60mm throttle body

Finishing up

Once the kit has been fitted, a special ROUSH diagnostic tool is required. This allows programming of the new software – a procedure which runs the engine through a series of tests/teachings and also to read and delete the DTCs. Each kit includes a unique voucher code which can only be used once.

Sound good? You can choose to have either the Stage 2 kit fitted straight away or upgrade at a later date – both of which we can complete easily here at Hendy Performance.

Get in touch with our team if you’d like to find out more, and keep an eye out for more #TechnicalTips.

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