Supermoto Pit Biking

One of the cheapest ways to have the most fun on track!

1y ago

It's amazing how many people don't even know that this sport exists!

Let me break it down and get straight to the point - for less than a grand you can pick up a Stomp/M2R pitbike (for example) in supermoto trim, which is more than good enough for anyone starting out. Track days are only around 30 quid each and are held at go-kart tracks around the country, check your local tracks and see if they do bike days.

When I started, me and a mate went to Stretton Karting in Leicester on a week day when we knew it would be quiet and could get our eye in with an empty track. We went on in between the karting sessions of which there were only 2 during the whole day so we had loads of track time.

The amount of fun you can have for such a small outlay is amazing - rubbing elbows with other riders, scraping your knee on the tarmac, going full ball with literally no fear of stacking it as everything is so cheap to replace - 30 quid very well spent.

Check out the video below of our first time and you can see why we were hooked!

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You can ride just for fun like us or if you wanted you can even race them, check out for more information.

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  • I used to race a klx 110 on the indoor kart tracks in the winter up in Minnesota. It's the best time ever!

      1 year ago