- Shanghai Airlines had a really bad day on June, 27th.

Superstitious Woman Delays Flight By Tossing Coins into Plane's Engine for Luck

Doing something for "good luck" can end in really bad luck rather quickly, as the story of a chinese woman throwing coins at a plane's engine shows.

3y ago

Although this is not exactly car related, the story of of an old chinese lady throwing coins into a plane's engine for good luck is such a classic example of a massive screw up that I just could not let this pass by.

In fact, you may have already heard of the stunt the woman pulled at Shanghai airport on June 27th, since it's going viral around the world right now. However, it shows how superstition and doing something for "good luck" can actually turn into very, very bad luck.

As several news agencys and papers report, an 80-year-old chinese woman tried to "bless" the plane and its flight by throwing nine coins equaling 1.7 yuan (about 25 US-cents) at the Airbus A320's engine before boarding. Apparently, eight coins missed, but one got stuck in the engine. One passenger noticed what had happened and informed the proper authorities.

Because of the woman's "blessing"-procedure the plane had to be checked for damages and flight safety, which took several hours while all 150 passengers had to be evacuated from the aircraft. The plane then arrived more than five hours late at its designated destination Guangzhou in southern China.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman was taken into custody by local police. Shanghai police stated that she had no prior criminal record or health issues. But as estimated by local media, the damages done by her act could amount to thousands of Dollars. On the other hand, the flight's delay was only one in many already being part of Shanghai Pudong's daily business...

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