Superstreet the game - my opinions

1y ago


Coolio. We now have a bunch of gameplay for superstreet now! Now that we have all this, i would like to speak my mind and share opinions and criticisms. Also, before some sim elitist says it down in the comments, yes i am aware that it is "LE ARCADE TRESH REEEE". Ya don't have to yell it out. It's one of the games major advertising points.

Gameplay videos

just so we're on the same level here, i've attached a few gameplay videos here.

my actual thoughts and opinions

So, in my opinion, i quite like what i see. I dont know if its worth the $50 USD or $70 AUD but i'll get to that later.

First of all, its very obvious that it's an arcade game. I am ok with this but, a bit of the physics in general need a bit of fixing. For example, it appears that cars are very light, being barely effected by gravity as if you were on the moon. I would like better gravity physics (who knows, maybe it's already fixed but the beta version doesnt have it). The driving physics seem kind of whatever. I couldn't care less if it was sim or arcade, as long as it's consistent. The physics do seem like they'll do the job but, from what the dudes who have the beta are saying, it under steers a lot which aint that good :/

Graphics do the job as well. again, i dont really care about it, as long as you can make out whats going on. On epic settings (what the youtube videos seem to be using), it looks pretty cool. Certainly not PS2 or whatever the heck people are saying. The lowest settings are also very low so... if you want to play it on a toaster, i guess you can. I also absolutely love the flake paint, it looks amazing!

When it comes to the cars and the customisation, i quite like the direction they're going. It seems that the 8 cars are basically just a chasis and then every chasis has about 2 different designs that look a bit like another car (ie, the BMW looking thing can become a mustang looking thing, the mk1 VW golf thingo can be a bit like one of the newer golfs, etc). And also with having unlicensed cars, it means that we can customize and crash to hearts content, which is pretty nice. If i had to be a bit nit pick-y, i don't like how you can only have 1 customizable car through the game. If you wanted to complete the story mode with all of them, you'd have to do 8 separate run throughs. I don't see why it wouldn't be possible to be able to buy a few other junk cars for a couple grand.

In terms of story, i dont know what i expected to be honest. It's very barebones without any main characters or cut scenes. I mean... sure whatever. Not having a proper story would make the game flow a bit better imo and would be a less forced compared to NFS2015's story mechanics but like, a few main characters would be nice. Maybe for the sequel... also Hot Import Nights sponsors an event and i thought that was a bit cool

Really, all in all, i really like where this is going. However, since i game on PC, the game is gonna be sold through Steam. As an Australian, this makes me a bit sad. You see, Steam uses USD which means that it converts AUD to USD. Since the aussie dollar is rather crap, it would cost around $70AUD for me to buy. And ya'll thought $50USD was steep...

I mean, hopefully when preorders hit EB Games or something, it won't cost $70 there but like... oof.

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