Like many of you, I love wagons and believe there should be more of them. The idea of practicality to match the current sea of crossovers without having the handling characteristics of a barge should be common sense for all. But a station wagon with practicality and the performance to match if not outclass a supercar is even better. That brings us to the superwagons such as these two.

Being crowned as the most powerful station wagon currently with 680hp and most expensive at over $190k starting with a few option boxes ticked get you well into the $200k range, and perhaps the longest name ever given to a car. The Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo takes everything learnt from the Porsche 918 Spyder on how to make an exciting hybrid and turn it into a handsome wagon. After years of being mocked since the initial release of the model, Porsche finally got their sedan/wagon right. The current gen Panamera now turn heads of approval and admiration rather than heads of disgust. I see a Panamera Sport Turismo in white drive by every morning on my way to work and always give it a good stare.

All that charm I’m glad to report isn’t lost on the HW version which replicated this car perfectly. The proportion and stance are all spot on. When the first intel pics were dropped on this cast I thought it had weird headlight tampos, turns out they’re actually physical inserts as part of the plastic window piece so no misalign headlights to worry about. They’re however a bit dull just black voids so a little detailing to feature the Porsche Matrix LED lights is in order. Speaking of dullness, same thing goes with the whole front end of the car with a completely monochromatic grill which was sorted during the detailing process. The last thing are the wheels which aren’t the best choice but does closely match to one of the many designs offered by Porsche by blackening out the middle part to make them more realistic.

The RS6 Avant has already been replaced with a new redesign but the previous gen still have plenty of character. For us in the States we finally have the chance of owning the new one or see one on U.S. soil.

There we have it. Two mundane wagons that can outrun just about any sport car out there. I’m glad HW decide to bring these two wagons to the diecast world, now bring on the Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate and we have a perfect trifecta.

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