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Surging demand for the Porsche Taycan not expected

Porsche has already increased production on its yet to be released Telsa killer

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I will be honest, I applaud Porsche for their new direction in electric vehicles. Design wise they still have the visible Porsche Design DNA and in my opinion an edge over other manufacturers. In saying that, as an early adopter for most technologies I am still not ready for my Porsche 911 to be electric or hybrid. It seems I am one of the few based on new reports.

Prototype construction department of Porsche Taycan in Zuffenhausen (Image Porsche AG)

Prototype construction department of Porsche Taycan in Zuffenhausen (Image Porsche AG)

Porsche understands that development of their electric range is not limited by their determination. The same determination that Porsche have praised Elon Musk for, in many ways setting the benchmark for others. Many external factors can impact electric vehicle development and sales. Price-points are high, and charge points even though expanding are becoming more congested in large cities.

With these and other factors to consider Porsche were somewhat conservative in the sales estimates for the new Taycan sedan. So much so that even before Porsche has built its first battery-electric car, it already plans to increase production.

All the facts (Image Porsche AG)

All the facts (Image Porsche AG)

The German brand's CEO Oliver Blume has been stated in a report last week noting that strong demand has led to increased production. The Taycan has obviously appealed to consumers with its unique styling, Porsche quality along with the electric sedans 600 plus horsepower and 300 miles of estimated range.

Initially Porsche estimated it would sell only around 20,000 Taycans per year, but the higher-than expected demand has surprised the automaker.

For example, in Norway, where Porsche sells about 600 new cars a year, the company has received nearly 3,000 reservations for the Taycan guaranteed with cash deposits. This could be an indication of trends in similar markets. Porsche is surprised, and Tesla now has something to really worry about.

Source: WirtschaftsWoche

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Comments (6)

  • Tesla will be dead in a few years....theres no way they could match the quality of Porsche and i cant see the Germans being that much more expensive

      2 years ago
    • I agree. Tesla will struggle to match Porsche quality. Nonetheless Tesla has done a good job for helping electric vehicles break into the mainstream. Porsche etc won't take long to catch up.

        2 years ago
    • Tesla have shown the way....but Porsche will knock them dead when it comes to finish and quality. They have many many years of building experience at the high end of the market.

      I've heard tesla is about as close as the indians and Chinese on...

      Read more
        2 years ago
  • You know, I think they are into something here. No better way to go EV than at super or hyper car level. Or even at a unique sports level. If range really isn’t an issue and it’s for a Sunday blast on a B road, then this would fit right in. You would not need to drive it at any other time and only bring it out occasionally. Low maintenance, blistering performance and no noise. What could be better. I bet a lot of potential buyers have the same idea.

      2 years ago
  • Idk why but the shell of the Taycan shown in the thumbnail reminds me of the Speedtail

      2 years ago