Surrey Scuderia @ 'The Supercar Event' 2018

1y ago


Car events are great if you just want to look at some amazing cars, but ultimately they’re unsatisfying. What does the car sound like? How fast does it go? What does the acceleration feel like? At The Supercar Event your driver can answer all your questions whilst taking you on an exhilarating ride, around Rockingham race track.

We also have helicopters, Caterham Seven’s and a wealth of other attractions with more being added through the year.

One of questions we frequently get asked is do the drivers get paid to do this? And the answer is no, the owners all volunteer their time, fuel and tyres for nothing. Without their generosity we simply wouldn’t be able to raise as much money as we do for The Children’s Trust.

Take a ride in one of the vast selection of supercars.

Pre-bookable Rides & Attractions

Supercar rides booked in advance £30 – booked on the day £35 (pre-booking highly recommended)

Fast Track rides booked in advance £60 – booked on the day £70 (This means you join a separate queue and have more choice of the car you ride in)

Hypercar rides can only be booked on the day, from £100

Helicopter rides Child £TBC- Adult £TBC (pre-booking highly recommended)

4×4 Experience £TBC

To pre-book click here!


Morgan Construction are kindly offering free breakfast for all club members who attend.

Morgan Construction are sponsoring Surrey Scuderia for this event. For every club member who meets at Jacks of Baghsot, they shall supply them with free food & drink.

For more information on our sponsors, please visit www.morganconstructionandbuild.com.

Chris Evans' La Ferrari from 2015

For some photos of this years event at Dunsfold, check out the gallery!

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