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I have an opinion on this type of car and I would like to see if you agree .

I think the concept of an suv is boring it a jacket up ugly sedan if Toyota ,Honda , Acura , Lexus, ect are involved is just plain old ugly and boring it fades really fast when you drive it on the street it just looks like any other ordinary car that type of suv I hate but.

Like this Porsche . I love these kind of suvs these are the ones that are the best at being an suv it looks nice and is fast . I don’t know who created this concept but I love .

Yes it costs a lot and less practical but why not !

I would not by any suv but if I had to it would be this type.

Fell free to comment on what you think.

Do you agree with me?

And I will get back to you a soon as I can

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  • The thing is. Some countries has serious road maintenance problems. Some road in my daily commute are like a mine field. I don't have an SUV or CUV but I understand people who own them. Ground clearance, suspension travel, bigger tires, etc. All those make the ride more comfortable than being in a regular size car. On the other hand, some cars can be as comfortable as SUVs but you'll pay premium (ie: magnetic suspension). SUV / CUV for daily commute is acceptable. Making sport version of them is a waste of resources but peoples buy them.

      2 years ago
  • I agree, SUV’s are boring but they are handy to have. Makes me distraught that so called “car makers” are devoting all their resources to building/exporting SUV’s for the U.S. market. I prefer cars. No Macan will ever outperform a 911. No X5 will ever ride as smooth or corner as well as a 5-series. I like taking exit ramps at twice the posted speed but I only do that in my CAR and when I’m driving alone. Try doing that in an SUV without soiling yourself.

      2 years ago
    • We are on the same page-ish

        2 years ago
    • Agreed, smaller more nimble vehicles are going to out perform. But the overall value in an SUV (depending on which one) is totally worth it.

      I am an avid car person, but have a particular life style that an SUV suits me. Same with I’m sure your...

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        2 years ago
  • I think the concept of having a sporty car that can also go offroad and also transport the whole family plus luggage is an interesting idea but most if the time it juaz doesn't work. It could never beat a sports car around a track and it could also never beat a land rover on an off-road course. Also cars like the nissan juke are really ugly.

    Another thing I don't like is those coupe suv things like the mercedes gle coupe. They are so big and heavy but don't have much room for stuff. That being said, there are some good SUVs like the alfa romeo stelvio quadrifoglio or the tesla model x. They both offer a great driving experience (in totally different ways) and I appreciate that.

      2 years ago
  • The car for people who don’t like cars. Why I’ll never buy one

      2 years ago
  • Say what you want and so what you want but you have to learn to adapt to the path that now SUVs are way more popular than any car. People want more SUVs and they are out selling all cars. That's way manufacturers like Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota and all the others are quickly releasing more and more SUV s and cancelling production of more and more cars

      2 years ago
    • I know I can’t stop sales for the suv it is sad really but if I had to get one I would choose a Land Rover or Range Rover and possibly an Alfa Romeo stelvio

        2 years ago
    • Agreed man

        2 years ago