SUVS and active wear

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I’m sitting at swimming, I look across the pool and it’s surrounded by many mothers, and some fathers, either watching their children’s lesson or staring at their phones. What grabs my attention though is the number of women who are wearing ‘active wear’.

I’m not sure if this is just an Australian thing or something that has become a worldwide phenomenon or if you even know what I mean when I mention active wear? In a nutshell active wear is tight fitting clothes that are worn when you go to the gym or for a run.

The thing is most of these women look like they haven’t been to the gym for a rather long time, if you know what I’m saying? Or they have their hair and makeup done and certainly aren’t heading there after swimming.

Then it struck me, these active wear clad women are actually very similar to SUVs that are driven in the leafy streets of inner cities that never see any dirt, let alone go off road!

Those who choose to wear active wear when they simply go out will tell you they wear it because it’s comfortable. Those who drive SUVs in urban areas will say that they like being high up because it gives the driver a better view of their surroundings. Both of these statements may be true, but a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and a four door family sedan will essentially do the same thing.

In the world of active wear there are big name brands that actually aren’t really any good at doing the job while you work out, they ride up where they shouldn’t or lose their stretch rapidly and fall down. This is like some SUVs and cross-over vehicles that are really just hatchbacks with a lift kit and couldn’t straddle a kerb let alone a heavily rutted track.

Women can spend a lot of money on the high end active wear simply to show other’s that they can afford to do this. The same can be said for those who buy SUVs made by Porsche, BMW or Bentley and only use them to do the school run each day.

One crucial part for any decent off-roading ability in a car is tyres and when you work out the same can be said about shoes and bras. The mother’s across the pool might be wearing the latest Nike shoes, but the ones that offer no support for running or gym work. It’s like the SUV having large chrome rims and low profile tyres; they’re simply not fit for purpose.

My point is active wear is for the exercising in not for wearing in public and if you're just going to drive your SUV in an urban area, buy a sedan or hatchback instead.

While I’m feverishly jotting down the last ideas for this post I look out the window and there was one of the active wear cladded mother’s getting into her large SUV that had a bull bar and spot lights. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself.

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