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It's not all bad in the world of the big car.

Drivetribe is a wonderful place full of 'mostly' wonderful people who like to talk about 'mostly' wonderful things. One thing that is not as wonderful here on DT however, is the common viewpoint on the SUV. The Space Utility Vehicle. Or the Sport's Utility Vehicle idk i keep hearing both. There are however some SUVs that I in fact, like. And no I have not ever driven them or lived with them or even learnt much about them. I just like them, highly professional journalism as always from your's truly. So, maybe you will agree with some of my choices, here are FIVE (yes there's five) SUVs that I quite like, *gulp*.

1. Cheap and Cheerful: Dacia Duster

I believe (verbally assault me in the comments if I'm wrong) that the Duster is currently the cheapest car on the market that may be considered an SUV. Yes, it's all of these different things, an off-roader, a 4x4 or whatever you fancy calling it. But what Dacia claim to have done here is released an SUV. And I agree. To me, an SUV is a big car. This is one of the smaller big cars, but not small enough to make it a small big car (a crossover). Trouble is can anyway actually categorise an SUV nowadays. There's a new category or vehicle type for every new release from a manufacturer, which is why I keep my methods simple. Anyway back to the Duster. Base price 18k or thereabouts. I love how it looks, it's clearly not the play-it-safe design so comonly used by everyone else. It is simple, but stills provides tech and comfort. AND, key to the SUV moral code, it is one of few in its class (whatever its class actually is) that can really off-road, as the media have proven multiple times. Here's a picture, if you don't like it, again feel free to verbally assault me in the comments i could do with a chat.

2. The King of Kings: Land Rover Range Rover

Styled by someone who really knows how to make a Range Rover, it appears to be the ultimate car. Massive luxury beauty. And you can even get a fast one if you have too much money. It's a special car, and with my experience with the Range Rover, it makes you feel special too. It's a shame its main vocation is the school-run anyway, because its quite the all-rounder.

3. The Cutesy Korean: Kia Sportage

If looks could kill, this car would be long gone, because the Sportage gets an awful lot of hate for it's.......devisive.....looks? However my mind is a safe-haven from the abuse, because not only am I kia-obsessed freak with a rather odd taste in cars and too much time to give my opinion on everything (biased to sum it up), but I am also a big fan of the industrius little Koreans' thinking with this car. The Sorento is cool and all, but too average to make me fall for it. The Sportage, despite the backlash, has battled on for multiple generations of ugliness to at last (in my mind at least) become beautiful. Well, beautiful is a bit far even for me. But, unique, and all the better for it. Middle seat is like sitting on a rock though, so don't have a third child if you want a Sportage-advice of the century right there.

4. Sensibility with a hint of Magnificence: Volvo XC60

If you are an over-anxious person who can't help but fear the worst, like me, I mean, like my will already be jumping with joy when you consider the XC60. At this point its nothing new when Volvo produce a super-safe car. It's like a perk of buying Swedish. But there's more to this car than just airbags. Consider both the exterior and interior together, because they are both exceptional. You'd know it was a Volvo by the slightest peek at either. So sensible and right, yet just lovely all over. I mean the vertical touchscreen with symmetrical vents alone are worth the 51k you psy for the car. Please note, it isn't a race car. You can't put green stripes and flames on it and throw it round the track, because that is the worst form of treachery. But as we all know that's not its purpose. It's for the family who really like their lives, and want a car that will keep things that way. Basically its a good car. Simple.

5. Future Beauty:Jaguar I-Pace

Never in the history of cars has a brand changed so radically over the course of their business life beyond Jaguar. You know what to do if you disagree at this point. The I-Pace was a big shock to the system for me, after seeing the disasters that were the average E-Pace and bloated F-Pace, I was taken-aback to see the Brits roll out the I-Pace. It was like a misfit, such futuristic and aero-looking design. Other than that I'm pretty sure its electric and its interior is as great as we could expect from Jag. Great car, I like it. I want it.

And I'm afraid that's all we have time for folks, like comment subscribe. Thank you for reading and I hope you perhaps even 'enjoyed' this article. Respect if you did. Bye. Oh and go and hate me in the comments please. Toodle pip.

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