​Suzuki Burgman Street 125cc BS6

    is it really a cheap/affordable maxi scooter?

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    Suzuki launched this so-called maxi scooter last year with its 125 cc motor shared by Suzuki's another scooter Access 125 with the same horsepower and torque figures albeit Burgman weights a bit more than Access 125 so its fair to say dynamically we weren't expecting anything special from this scooter and to be completely honest we thought it would ride and handle like a big fat elephant it looks like but to our surprise it rides surprisingly well and did a great job in hiding its bulky mass.

    But we have to say that we were disappointed and impressed with Suzuki's 125 cc motor producing 8.5 HP and 10.2 Nm of torque

    We were impressed by the outstanding levels of refinement of the motor and the whole chassis in general with minimal engine vibrations some might even say there's little to none vibrations from the engine through the handlebars and the whole body of the scooter we don't really if it's completely down to amazing levels of refinement of the engine Suzuki engineers had done an impressive job at constructing a chassis that does a good job at dampening the those NVH levels coming from the engine or maybe it could be the both .

    The thing we were disappointed by is the engine's powerband with mediocre low-end engine feels sluggish from stationary although the engine has a very strong mid-range that at times feels like a sudden jerk of power when a turbo spools up in a turbocharged car.

    yeah ok not exactly like that, you get my point

    And a bad bad bad top-end or lack thereof makes you want to ping the throttle to keep it in the powerband to make decent progress especially when riding with a pillion which we are sure was the reason we got a bad fuel consumption from the scooter that claims to have 70km/L

    Not sure if that's true Suzuki?

    This scooter is not just about performance and offers other stuff as well and to find about it watch our video below to know more about it


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