Suzuki GSX-R1000R - Launch Control

4y ago
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It may be pointlessly childish, but there's no arguing launch control sounds awesome

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Comments (3)

  • Is it true they take off in 2nd on the drag strip?

      4 years ago
    • It's very bad for the clutch but depending on gearing it's entirely plausible

        4 years ago
  • Bro's 2017 Aprillia has launch, wheelie, and traction control in 3 modes. He cares not for the techno wizardry ( so he doesn't really use them) vs his 2015 Reppy which has none - tho April has more power, he REALLY leans into the Reppy and does prefer the Honda's predictablity. Both have full Akra's and burn VP ( he's a tad cra cra ). April using launch sounds pretty f'n mean tho. Such a low, grunty, torquey sound to it.

      4 years ago