- The Suzuki Katana 1000 ( Photo Credits : www.motori.quotidiano.net )

Suzuki Katana 1000: the new street samurai sword

44w ago


It was 1981 when Suzuki managed to surprise the entire motorcycle world by presenting its new Katana, a motorbike that distinctive itself from its competitors thanks to the amazing design that clearly kept visible principle of ergonomics, aerodynamic and possible production problem.

Produced by the western Germany quarters of the japanise brand, the motorbike had a remarkable success although it was kept in production for only five years.

The original Katana ( Photo Credits : wwww.upload.wikimedia.org )

Today, thirty-two years later, Suzuki decides to create a new version called Katana 1000 inspired by the nostalgic wave we're living in these recent times.

Presented at the Intermot 2018 in Colonia, the new motorbike mirrors the design of its original version while revisiting it in a modern light, without forsaking its origins.

The engine is the same from the GSX-R1000 K5: the famous sport motorbike that since 2005 has gathered lots of international successes.

The New Katana 1000 ( Photo Credit : www.motori.quotidiano.net )

This four-cylinder engine of 999 cc is capable of 150 HP, while the structure of the vehicle is a twin-spar frame built completely in aluminum.

The whole package is completed by a three levels adjustable traction control and by Suzuki Easy Start System: the starting engine device based on a simple key which maintains the engine in automatic working pattern for as long as necessary to start the Bike.

The instrument panel ( Photo Credits : www.motori.quotidiano.net )

Other instrumentations consist in a LCD screen which regulates its light intensity while offering informations on thirteen different services: speed and rpm included.

The start of the production is scheduled for 2019.

The Katana 1000 presentation video

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