Suzuki Swifts From Top Gear's Car Soccer have been sold for a bargain price

Someone has paid just £7,900 (around $10,800) for these nine Suzuki Swifts

Back in 2015, the Top Gear trio took part in a car soccer match with Suzuki Swifts. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May were in the England team and played against Argentina at the Liverpool Echo Arena.

All the nine Japanese cars have been lying in South West of England until now. Quite recently they went on sale at eBay and none of the TG fans noticed. With the sale not going under the radar, someone bought all the nine cars for the bargain price of just £7,900.

The black cars represent Argentina, red ones are of the England team and the England team also had a white car which was driven by the Stig.

While the cars are very broken, the advert says that they can start and drive. Maybe somebody has bought them to play a weekend soccer game with friends.

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  • That's exactly what I would have done. Bought them and played soccer with them. That's what they are for. That's how they are used.

    Anybody up for a match? I call Hammond's car!

      2 months ago