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Suzuki: The Rebadging Wars

Since Suzuki and Toyota have "collaborated" in Europe, the cars are almost identical

5w ago


After seeing the debut of the new Suzuki Swace this morning, I decided to investigate Suzuki a little more since the design is straight off of a Toyota Corolla Wagon.

My predictions:

When I saw that the first Toyota-based Suzuki 'Across' debuted on July 2nd of this year, I didn't think much about it. Of course the similarities between that and the Rav4 are obvious but the Suzuki side comes with a bit of different styling and technology such as an updated front fascia and taller infotainment screen. Though I am not positive that the same Toyota models are being sold in Europe, so they have Suzuki as sort of that backup brand in that region but offer similar styling to the lineup.



Are we going to see more of these models in the future?

Coming from my point of view, it is most likely. The Suzuki brand itself will most likely become the Holden of the Japanese and Euro car market mostly because of the 2 newest models, the Across and Swace, but who knows. Suzuki could hire their own car designers again and make the pieces of engineering unique again instead of having to borrow from Toyota.

Well, what about the Jimny?

The Jimny is more of a poverty spec of G-Class Mercedes mixed with a Jeep Wrangler but does not share any similarities besides the boxy shape. It has a totally different style on the outside and inside, plus it's only a 2 door whilst the new G-Class is a 4 door and the Wrangler is much bigger in size. The Jimny is more like an attempt to create a retro offroader rather than just a rebadged Suzuki.



Conclusion and advice for Suzuki:

Overall, Suzuki was once considered a cool brand. If they can add more sporty models to the lineup and use their own styling instead of using it from other cars, the sales could potentially increase. It is a risk for the company, but to us car enthusiasts, it could be the start of a whole new Suzuki-era.

Thanks for reading!

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Comments (16)

  • I want a Jimny. Now. I just want a Jimny now! Jimmmmmmnyyyyyyy! 😫 😉😁

    It actually would make no good sense to try and daily a lil' Jimny in Houston, Texas, but they're just so damnably adorable! 🥰

      1 month ago
    • Up north a little here in Austin, we would have to engine swap it to keep it going at highway speeds but yes, I really want one too

        1 month ago
    • I had an '87 Samurai way back when. I used to regularly go down 288 to Lake Jackson from Houston. Crossing the overpasses required a downshift if the wind wasn't behind me. 🤣😂🤣😂

        1 month ago
  • Mate,it's the same case here too

      1 month ago
    • That sucks.

        1 month ago
    • Suzuki Baleno and the Toyota Glanza:Literally the same cars

      Suzuki Vitara Brezza(Baby Vitara,TBH) and the Toyota Urban Cruiser:Again,literally the same cars

        1 month ago
  • can't wait for a Suzuki supra

      1 month ago


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