Suzuki to manufacture micro-plastic collecting devices for motors!

Suzuki have just invented the world’s first micro-plastic collecting device for outboard motors and they plan on manufacturing it!

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W​ritten by: Rahil Hashmi

In an attempt to reduce the amount of micro-plastic in the ocean, Suzuki have now developed the world’s first micro-plastic collecting device for outboard motors.

During the design process, Suzuki had one rule: performance could not be compromised so, unsurprisingly, the finished product does not affect the performance of the motor that it is attached to.

How does it work?

I like cars, not plastic tubes which is why I’m just going to let you look at this diagram:

What does it do?

Due to the impacts that micro-plastics have on all things ocean-y, the device aims to remove as much micro-plastic from the ocean as possible.

The particles are sucked from the ocean and are stored within the device.

My verdict

I think that it’s absolutely brilliant to see a company like Suzuki produce something like this with the intention to be kind to our planet and I truly do believe that it is a good piece of kit that will make a massive difference.

This device will be optional from 2021 but Suzuki aim to make it a standard feature in future.

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Comments (22)

  • Suzuki have just made a device for outboard motors that removes micro-plastics from the ocean! @tribe

      8 months ago
  • That's very innovative. This is a great story, keep up the great work!

      8 months ago
  • Admirable it is however the percentage of micro plastic in the oceans that these engines will collect is minuscule. I’d rather Suzuki just have spent a chunk of cash (equivalent to this innovation) to clearing plastic, pay 2-3 people per annum to pickup/clear will do far more.

    Not knocking it by the way, there are just better ways.

      8 months ago
    • Suzuki have this project called ‘Suzuki Clean Ocean Project’.

      It aims to:

      1. Clean-up the ocean.

      Read more
        8 months ago
    • Good on Suzuki on points 1&2 more companies/individuals should.

      Point 3 - I’d love to read a Suzuki internal document which states estimates on how much micro plastic this will take out of the oceans. Lmao too.

        8 months ago
  • A great idea by Suzuki. Every little helps. Does anyone remember years ago when Saab advertised the gas coming out of their turbo cars exhaust pipes was cleaner than that going in? Similar concept. Could ICE’s and their fuel be engineered to ingest some pollutants and clean the air?

      8 months ago
  • *Greta Thunberg's support intensifies*

      8 months ago