Suzuki's 2019 Katana

3y ago

The Katana range goes back to 1981 and on to 2006. In its lifetime it saw different engines, from 250 to 1100. Now Suzuki has unveiled a new Katana, using the GSX-R1000 engine from the K5. This engine is also the powerplant for the GSX-S1000 that the new Katana is based on. With around 150 horsepower it should be good modern-classic fun.

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  • The original Katana designed was revolutionary for the time. It's early K series BMW-esque. I think the later ones, like yours , were excellent, too. Very Hayabusa.

    My taste in motorcycles is completely eccentric. I was wild about big singles and cafe racers for a long time. Even when I drifted to 4 cylinders they were still cafe racer styled. My cousin raced Ducatis, so I was also into that design aesthetic.

    The problem with "naked bikes" is they're not aerodynamic and you end up being a human sail. So, I tried a friends Yamaha FJ and that was it. Fully paneled sports bikes only. I had a CBR for a bit. No particular reason other than the Honda/Yamaha dealer had a leftover.

    Honestly, I never did wheelie on a motorcycle. I was so busy working on handling and speed and I never thought of it. When you've been riding a big single with a bunch of people with 4 cylinders and twins, you learn to make the most of the power and handling you have.

    I like my motorcycles small, light and nimble. That's probably because I'm relatively small and light (still a bit nimble, and old). I also know the more power I have the more likely I'd be to use it.

      3 years ago
  • Well they have ruined that now havn't they...

      3 years ago
    • I don't think so. They got enough of the '82 details right. It goes "off" from the pillion back, but not in a bad way. There's a bit of Katana 650 in there, too. We don't need another modern retro. This is a good update, and identifiable as a big...

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        3 years ago
    • When I turned 18 and against my parents wishes I picked up the 92 Katana and moved to Florida for a year. Went 3 teeth up in the rear so I could get second gear wheelies out of her. Maybe bike looks are based more on your experience than on taste?

        3 years ago