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S​VE Oletha is the BMW we all want

S​omething today's BMW design department should look up to

10w ago

I​t's all there - the proportions, the long bonnet, sleek body and subtle details - coupled with the best of BMW - either a smooth inline 6 or a massive V8.

S​VE - Smith Vehicle Engineering, a company owned by brothers Kaess and Willem, gave us a perfect BMW restomod - it's like all the best of Z4's drivetrain, coupled with the gorgeous design elements of iconic Z8.



I​t's based on a E86 Z4M - but the body elements aren't original, they are actually made by carbon fiber from scratch - saving a lot of weight and giving it a serious note in restomod culture. And that costs. A lot.

U​nder the long bonnet, you can opt for a 3.5 litre S54 Reihensechszylinder (bored out, obviously) or a 4.4 V8 S65 - straight out of a M3s of the era. Figures are undisclosed, but you get it coupled with a 6-Gang manual and LSD - and perfectly natural, no turbos or charging of any kind. Can it get any better?



T​he interior, which we cannot see yet, is said to be tailor made to customers' wishes, ranging from leather to carbon and stuff.

L​ighter than a Z4 M, serious and stylish as a z8

A​t 4.35m length and 1.85m wide, it's 20cm longer and 7cm wider than it's Z4 basis, making it as big and serious as a Z8, I'd dare to say a proper GT. Yet, being carbon bodied, at 1.400 kilos, actually around 100kg lighter than a Z4 and a whole 300kg lighter than a Z8.

U​nfortunately, then comes the price - a USD 450.000 or around EUR 380.000 - ouch! Roughly you can probably get two Z8s in acceptable condition for that, but I have no doubt that this would find a home - honestly, if I could, I definitely would.

W​hat do you think?

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