Swatch celebrates Valentine's Day differently...

Four watches, dedicated to the heartbroken!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and everything around us seems to celebrate love relationships in a triumph of hearts, chocolate boxes and cupids. This period makes the eyes of many people roll in disgust or fills of tears the eyes of the brokenhearted. Swatch anyway takes a different path, celebrating with a series of four colorful wristwatches the majority of population, the happy singles, and the heartbroken people, with the slogan "Time is what you make of it"

The collection presents four funny pieces, all of them have a quartz movement, silicon straps and a plastic case. They're water resistant to 30 bar and that means you can wash your hands while wearing it but not taking a shower, still enough waterproof for don't get ruined by love issues tears. 


Red passion is the main color of this wristwatch, P(E/A)NSE-MOI (SOUZ718) dedicated to who's suffering for love. The dial is simple, with red background and white dots and hands. The tiny calendar on the side shows the day of the week along with a broken heart, like a friendly reminder to its owner of how is sentimental life sucks. The strap is red on the outside and has a nice stamps of little hearts in the inner part and the keeper has a patch pattern, lovely. This is the most expensive piece of the collection (€95) and it comes in a detailed package, showing a heart kept together by stitches on the cover and patches with motivational quotes in the interior. The ideal watch for who's struggling over an ended lovestory or is stuck in the friend-zone. 

Suggested song: Eric Carmen - All by myself 


Love and hate are separated by a really thin layer, and here comes Hate 2 Love (SOUB185). Falling from the wrong person is a big issue, and dark as the mood that it brings, the dial of this watch is black. In daytime it seems to shout "I hate to love you" and in night hours the sentence changes in a more hopeful "I love you" glowing in the dark. 

Suggested song: Joan Jett and The Blackhearts - I hate myself for loving you


Two similar pieces dedicated to more joyful thoughts, inspired in the design by the fabulous `70`s, BEATING LOVE (SUOW171) AND BEATPINK (GW214) are an explosion of positive vibes. These two watches have a funny style and bright coulors. Two stylized hearts fills the dials and paint with their trail the white background of the straps. For the happy singles or the lover of free love, or just to turn page towards a happier future.

Suggested song: Rolling Stones - Let's spend the night together 

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