swede sweeps scots car of the year

v90 estate picks up top accolade

4y ago

So, this week we’ve finally learned what Americans think of anyone who’s not an American, and even some of those who are. He’s an odd gift to the rest of the World. So odd, I’ve started to think there really is something in this whole “we’re not really here - We’re just imagining our own existences” thing. It’s practically the only explanation for what I’m currently imagining didn’t really happen on Tuesday night - Of course, choosing this as a philosophy would also mean tapioca pudding, Piers Morgan and running out of wine aren’t real things either. So not all bad. 

Similarly unworldly it seems to me at least, is Scotland’s Car of The Year announced at a ceremony on bonfire night - More often than not the gong at these types of ceremonies the world over is bestowed upon family hatchbacks and those at least somewhat likely to be within the grasp of Joe and Josephine public. The European car of the year award has for example been won by the Astra, Passat, Peugeot 308 and the Golf over the past 5 consecutive years. 

Not so the Scots judging panel who've stuck their 2016 medal on the Volvo V90 Estate - Now there’s nothing wrong with the Swedish station wagon. Indeed there’s a lot right with it, it’s striking to look at, very capable as a large family car and load lugger and the cabin is a terribly nice place to spend time - However, this is a £35,000 prestige saloon that even with easy finance is still at least a kidney away from falling into most people’s ownership. 

Either way, we’ll be putting the the V90 to the test here on Driven in the near future.

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