Swedish Sunday: Koenigsegg CC 8S

Christian von Koenigsegg founded his eponymous company in 1994 to produce the first Swedish car that would (as Jeremy Clarkson described it) “land a punch in the Italian dominated world of the supercar”.

And 8 years later, with the CC 8S, Koenigsegg introduced their first street legal supercar that was more powerful than a McLaren F1.

While the engine itself was sourced from Ford, the CCS8S boasted of several pioneering features such as a removable roof that which could be stored in the car’s front trunk, vertical opening doors and a unique exhaust system all developed in-house.

The car was performed gloriously enough and was loaded with enough features not only to win multiple Swedish design awards but also to be tagged by Guinness (as the car with) the Most Powerful Production Engine in the world.

EVO magazine gave it a 5 star rating and Jeremy Clarkson called it his favorite supercar of 2004 while comparing it to equivalent cars from Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani.

This is a 1/43 model from DeAgostini/D’Agostini with no moving parts.

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  • I still think of this as my favorite Koenigsegg. Beautiful shots Anantha!

    3 days ago
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  • It's quite rare to see a scale model of the first Koenigsegg. And a DeAgostini? That's blue-ribbon stuff, right there.

    3 days ago
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