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Sweet dreams are made of this

6w ago


A rather lovely memory appeared on my Facebook this morning.

Memories from my Facebook today

Back in 2016 when Drivetribe was all shiny and new, a 'Pimp The Tribe' competition was held here on the platform. This was basically to pimp Drivetribe out to the world in order to try and gain more members to the platform.

The golden prize was to potentially win a 'night out' with Jeremy, James and Richard.

There were fifty winning slots up for grabs. I was selected to enter the competition and decided to give it a go, not for a second thinking that I would be lucky enough to win.

But to my complete shock, lady luck shone down on me and I won, along with 49 other Tribeys.

Two weeks to this date, I attended a drinks party with the trio and the other lucky winners.

You can read a more detailed article which I wrote last year, complete with full story and photos on the link below.


I can still remember everything as if it was yesterday and two years on I still pinch myself to this day and think, did that really happen? Yes it did! "I did a thing!"

Happy times

As always, many thanks for reading. Hope you all enjoyed 😃

In case you missed my previous article, please do check out the link below 😃