- Hero image and all other pictures by: Chris Breeden Text, art and errors by: Chris Breeden

Sweet Stude!

Studebaker has long been considered an "off brand" in the Hot Rod / Street Rod world. As a result, not many of them have been updated and upgraded. That's a shame when you see just how nice they can be. Plus, they have a ton more room inside compared to Fords of this era!

Those headlights and the bumper are works of art!

Powered by an SBC, this one also has A/C, tilt wheel, radio and a complete complement of gauges.

Really a great looking car, that looks like it made the trip up from Alabama.

Keep on Cruisin'!

What do you think? Is this as nice a Street Rod as a '32 Ford?

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Art by: Chris Breeden

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