- Dancing in the desert - 180 Nissan SUVs form a falcon

Sychronised dancing leads to another record for the Nissan Patrol

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Nissan likes to showcase their cars with unconventional demonstrations. The Nissan Patrol is no exception and it already had two Guinness World Records to its name. The first record was set in August 2013, when the Patrol towed the world's heaviest aircraft more than 50 metres at Sharjah International Airport. Then, in September 2015, it set a second record with a new fastest time for ascending a 100 metre sand dune in a car, managing the climb in a mere 4.9 seconds.

Dancing in the desert

To mark the release of three new editions of the Patrol for the Middle East market only, the Patrol Safari Falcon, Gazelle and Gazelle-X , Nissan decided to attempt a third record, this time the 'Largest Synchronized Car Dance'. According to Guinness this award recognizes the 'activation which has the greatest number of cars moving in unison within a formation'. Taking the name of one of the new editions as inspiration for the shape, Nissan successfully set a new record on 31st October 2018 with 180 of the popular SUVs.

The record attempt

The record was set at the Dubai Rugby 7s stadium, beating the previous world record by 36 cars with international racing driver Axcil Jefferies leading two concentric lines of Patrols, which drove in opposite directions around the outline of a falcon. The shape covered a total distance of 1,476 metres and you can see highlights of the record being set in the video below.

Unusual Advertising?

This looks impressive from the air, though it has been pointed out by viewers that cars travel in a type of double formation on the road daily and this is just a looped form of that, admittedly in an attractive shape. Of course Nissan do go for the records to promote their cars, that's the business they are in, and it makes for a more interesting advert than most.

The team from Nissan celebrate their success.

“At Nissan we are committed to bringing our customers ‘innovation that excites,' and we are thrilled to have broken yet another Guinness World Records title with the Nissan Patrol,” said regional vice president Kalyana Sivagnanam. The record has certainly been successful in bringing attention to the car and the new editions.

Patrol Success

The Nissan Patrol range is an enduringly popular choice in the Middle East. Their market share increased by 11.4% compared to the previous year in 2016/17 and the Patrol is now the best-selling full-size SUV in the UAE, sales having quadrupled since 2011.

The most popular full size SUV in the UAE

Juergen Schmitz, managing director of Nissan Middle East said of the record “What makes this achievement even more special is the fact that everyone who took part....were Nissan staff. It was a great privilege to give our employees the opportunity to take part in this landmark achievement. We were so pleased by the enthusiasm displayed by everyone, and single-minded determination they demonstrated towards achieving this goal.”

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