Syracuse Nationals 2018: Let's Get Weird

27w ago


Sometimes gearheads get a little....strange

At a show as big as this, something off-beat is bound to show up. Here are a few of the stranger things my camera found.

Distressed 1979 Lincoln Continental

In more ways than one.

Murray General

This thing is nightmare inducing. And, it's road legal (gee, thanks, Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles). Imagine this scaled-up version of a child's pedal car chasing you down from behind on a lonely country highway. Brown pants, indeed!

Aftermarket air conditioning, 1940's style

The passenger-side mirror really lets you see how things are working.

One "done-up" 1979 Ford Pinto

Or, if you prefer, a racing Pinto

Just look at that massive intake!

For the love of rockets

This is a heavily modified 1961 DeSoto. I have been travelling past this gentleman's shop for many years, and he clearly has a love for 1950's-style rocket motifs. Can't imagine what this is like to drive.

One unique Anglia

And finally, some monster rat-rods

All of these are based on late 1920's and early 1930's Ford chassis. Its never too early to get in the Halloween spirit!

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9 August 2018 ..... Written by: Todd Nielson ..... Photos and Video by: Todd Nielson

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