Syracuse Nationals 2018: Meet The Beetles! (Gallery)

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And Campervans, and Things and a modded Mk I Golf!

If you have been following this thread of posts on the Left Hand Drive tribe, you have no doubt picked up on the fact that the Syracuse Nationals is largely about American cars. But not solely. It was a pleasant surprise to find a decent contingent of Volkswagens tucked in the Horticulture Building and elsewhere. Here is a sampling:


Who doesn’t love Herbie?

A 1996 Open Air Beetle, and not a ”New Beetle,” either. Same classic Beetle look, but definitely modernized, particularly evident on the interior.

This Beetle was a Mequiar's Winfield Select Six nominee for 2018.

Dr. Frankenstein, your Beetle is calling.

Here is an unusually modified 1971 Beetle, with its engine in the front and a unique honeycomb grill cut into the hood. The engine is a 383 small block Chevrolet. It also features a four-link rear suspension and a front suspension from a Mustang II.

Type 2

The quintessential "hippie van," the Microbus was everywhere in the US in the 1960's and into the 70's.

Vanagon Westfalia

Produced between 1979 and 1992, the Vanagon was the third generation of the Type 2 VW Bus. It continued production in South Africa until 2002 for use within country only.


Mk I Golf

Separate from most of the other VW’s at the Nationals was this Rabbit, otherwise known as a Mk I Golf. Heavily customized, the “missing” instruments are actually mounted on a panel where the sun visor normally goes - the driver has to look up slightly to see the gauges.

That engine, by the way, is a Chevrolet V8. Too bad it’s not a modified Volkswagen VR6.

And, a VW-based kit car


31 July 2018 ..... Written by: Todd Nielson ..... Photo by: Todd Nielson

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