Syracuse Nationals 2018: Trucks (Gallery)

It's not strictly about cars

2y ago

It's not strictly about cars

Smaller in number but equally impressive was the collection of classic and custom trucks at the Syracuse Nationals. Pickup trucks and full-sized haulers from past decades were represented. Here are a few of the best.

Ford F-1 Pickup Truck

1956 Dodge Panel Truck

Looking just a bit like a giant Mini.

1949 Ford F-1 Pickup

Custom 1930's Ford Pickup

1960's Chevrolet Pickup

1952 Chevrolet Pickup

Ford C500

Chevrolet Blazer

American LaFrance Foamite

1930's Chevrolet Pickup

1938 International Stake Truck

1930's International R-160

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31 July 2018 ..... Written by: Todd Nielson ..... Photos and video by: Todd Nielson

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  • Some nice trucks there. 😀

      2 years ago