- Prototype infront of FSO factory

Syrena Sport - forgotten polish sports car

Syrena sport started it's life as expiriment to test "new technology". The idea inside of Stanislaw Lukaszewicz's head started after reading articles about making vechicles made out of fiberglass. One day he asked if he can make a car like this, we have to remember it was in 1950's in Poland so it was FSO's first attempt with bodies made out of fibers.

Blueprint of Syrena Sport from 1958

Cezary Nawrot the main designer wanted it look like italian and german sports cars like Ferrari's or Mercedes 190SL. At first it suposed to spyder but it wasn't stiff enough. The only prototype was track red with black roof. The main designer also didn't want to put 2 stroke Syrena 100 engine so he made engine bay to fit the experimental boxer motor.

Reconstructed car at Barbórka (legendary polish rally)

Sad thing is that the only prototype was destroyed, but legend about her never died and we still remeber the standing out one.



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