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T for two: Our brand new 911 Carrera T meets the first Porsche to wear the famous Touring badge. The original 911 T was an entry-level option, with reduced power and more humble trimmings. Today it’s a lighter and more involving driver’s car.

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  • I think - when the dust has settled - this is how Porsche would spec a C2 from existing options if it were asked to do so on your behalf, allied to a mechanical enhancement (ie. that rear axle ratio) and some marketing fairy-dust....or ‘shizzle’ if you feel a little more cynical:-) You’ll need the PCM for a head-end to control your iPhone ( I suspect) and who‘s going to dispense with such a historical USP of all production 911s...the rear seats ? Correct: almost no one. Then you add the heavier 20” wheels ( versus the 19” on the C2) and you’ll have a car that is almost certainly “more involving”....But lighter ? Less than even the current “official’ 5kg difference I suspect. Pity AG didn’t go to BBS ( other OEM wheel producers are available;-)) and source a set of proper forged 19” wheels with skinnier tyres to keep ( unsprung) weight down and please a wider audience . Ought not the lightest ‘prod’ 911 start at 13xx kg at its DIN rating ?

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