- Artist render based on Murray's early sketches. Credits: Autocar

T.50 - a True McLaren F1 Successor has been Revealed, and it will Suck!

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If you are on Drivetribe it is given that you know what McLaren F1 is, and what it did to car industry back in the '90s.

And even thou McLaren has recently made a sort-of successor with the Speedtail; I think that one is the worst hypercar ever built. We better turn our attention to what Gordon Murray, designer of the original F1, has in store for us.

The new best car ever?

It is called the T.50, it will cost $3 million, and Flash Gordon Murray believes it will beat all the rivals, including the Aston Martin Valkyrie and Mercedes-AMG One when it goes on sale in 2022.

Artist render based on Murray's early sketches. Credits: Autocar

How? Well, the T.50 is feather-light, weighing in at just 980kg. That is a good half of ton lighter than the hypercars of today. It is lighter even than the old car. That is all thanks to full carbon fiber construction and a compact 650hp 3.9-liter naturally-aspired, Cosworth-built V12 engine - that redlines at 12,100 rp, and is made of titanium!

When translated into power-to-weight ratio it matches the McLaren P1 and LaFerrari. But it is lighter so it can turn faster. And there is one more trick this car has up its... butt. Aerodynamics.

It will suck

Gordon Murray made his name long before he made the McLaren F1. His name is behind some of the most successful Formula 1 cars, including the Brabham BT46B, which was so innovative it was banned after winning its first race.

Reason? It had a giant sucking fan in the back that glued it to the road.

Credits: Wikipedia

But nothing is stopping Gordon from having the same technology in the T.50!

Instead of using all the wings, bulges and vents, this 40cm-diameter electrically-driven fan is able to create all the downforce the car needs by drawing air from underneath the car and literally sucking the car into the road.

Notice the "Jet Engine" at the back! Credits: Autocar

It can automatically configure the car for different conditions, modulate between high-downforce or low-drag and everything in between. Plus there is this beautiful simplicity that Gordon is aiming for.

It is the last great analog car

T.50 won't be focused on setting the lap times, it will primarily be a visceral road experience.

Inside, there will be seating for three, with the driver in the central position. The gauges will be fully analog, and Gordon still has to find a manufacturer capable of producing the sound system that matches his weight limitations.

Gordon Murray is the man! Credits: Autocar

Like the gauges, the transmission will also be analog - a six-speed manual gearbox made by Xtrac. Wheels are no larger than 20in because there is no need, and it only brings more unsprung weight.

The brakes are ceramic with ABS, and while there is adjustable traction control, there will be no stability control.

This car is meant to be involving, meant to be driven, not just being driven by the computer systems. Does that make it the next greatest car in the world? You tell me... in the comments.

Only 100 will be built

Most of the design is ready, and the work on the first test mule has already begun. Everything is on the schedule for the planned limited production of 100 cars to be built in Murray’s own manufacturing company, Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA).

Credits: Autocar

“Back in the 1990s, I designed the F1 as a sort of super-GT car,” he said. “It was absolutely road-focused and we had no plan to go racing, which is why it set new standards for packaging and road space. "

“The T.50 has exactly the same focus and betters the F1 in every area. It’s hard to imagine anyone doing a car like this again. I certainly won’t.”

And if you were wondering why is it called T.50 - that is how many years Gordon has been part of this wonderful industry that we all so love.

Will T.50 be the best car ever? Comment bellow 👇


Written by: Styp P